Monday, March 16, 2009

Going Public

December was when everything came together. For me anyway, the rest of the world seemed to be spiral ling out of control with more momentum each day.  The office space sold and I was able to announce my plans to patients and colleagues – I was going public!  This also meant that I was entering the “point of no return”, and losing my job.  It was a bittersweet month.

During this whole process, my mind would wander at times, but I always tried to limit my focus to the task at hand, chipping away at my endless checklist.  One thing that caused me a bit of stress was announcing my departure to my patients. I knew some would appreciate what I was trying to do, but I was concerned what the others would think; that I was somehow being selfish, irresponsible, or just a flat out FLAKE! I had built these relationships over the past fifteen years, and it had become my identity as an adult. I had taken on a responsibility when I became their physician, some had been with me during my entire career, and I had planned another 10-15-years of the same – it really mattered to me what they would think

The response could not have been more encouraging and supportive.  I received phone calls, cards, emails, and hugs. I heard from people that I hadn’t seen in years.  It was absolutely wonderful! If I have ever had any reservations about my decision, they were swept away by the overwhelming support that I received from almost everyone. People were genuinely happy for me. It appears that most people have their own “closet adventure”- of selling it all and taking off.  I could finally relax.

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