Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Day three into the trip and I have already surpassed my personal record for longest motorcycle trip. Hopefully "experience" is overrated (at least I am hoping so).

Today was absolutely beautiful! The weather was cool but very comfortable. I was able to remove my Gore-Tex suit liner, the extra pair of socks, and unplugged my electric vest. What a difference a day makes. 

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  1. Before you hit Crecent City Ca. 26 miles to the North you passed Brookings Oregon. The Banana belt of the West coast. Serious, You go 10 miles inland up the Chetco River and it's 90 degrees. They say you can grow Papayas up there. Best river swimming in the world! I used to work at the Lumber mill there and miss the whole area terribly. I sure appreciate the pics partner. Now back to work at the King County Jail. Hey if you ever get arrested in Seattle ask for Patrick I'll expedite your release! lol