Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mike's to San Felipe

The day alone at Mike's should've been relaxing, but I couldn't sit still. I missed my friends and my girlfriend Erin. I played with the GPS functions, got out my Spanish phrase book and patched up the broken auxiliary light and tank saddlebag. The staff prepared a substantial and tasty dinner and breakfast included in the $60 per night fee. 

The following morning on I got back on the road. Felt good to be on the bike, my attitude was much better. I was fresh and handled the road much better. I had deflated both tires to 25 psi and turned off my ABS (two things I failed to do on the way in). It was a beautiful day. Again, I did not see a soul on this road, maybe a rabbit or two. I was standing on my pegs concentrating on the path ahead when I suddenly heard a loud exhaust right behind my left ear! When I sat back down in the saddle, I was face to face with a soldier sitting in the passenger seat of a truck loaded with other soldiers and their automatic weapons. Startled for sure. Where did they come from?  I gave them my "No hablo Espanol", and I was waved on. They later turned off another dirt road. 

I am getting use to the strong military presence here. They are all really nice young men in their 20's doing their mandatory service. No attitude at all. They have been considerate and return my wave. Of course, they are interested in the bike, and I have been waved through almost all checkpoints. Guess I am glad they are out there. 

I followed Hwy 3 east and took the Hwy 5 junction south. There was a bit of road construction, with dirt road detours paralleling the highway - no sand thank goodness.  

Stayed at the lovely El Capitan hotel a block from the beach in San Felipe for $30. It is suppose to be a hang out for more desert riders, but was virtually empty. No worries.  I guess I just missed the Baja 250 race that started and in ended here. Otherwise, nothing really here for me. 

Tonight I plan on making it to Gonzaga Bay (40 of the 80-miles will be on dirt) and maybe camp on the beach(?) Next night, hopefully Bay of Los Angeles. Then I will high-tail it to Loreto. 

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