Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Leaving Washington

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Finally, the day of departure was here, and so was a Northwest snowstorm. It would have been dangerous and very uncomfortable to ride out, so we postponed the departure date for two days. We would leave March 10th. "We", being my Aussie buddy, Ian, and myself. 

Ian had generously volunteered to ride out the first day with me, which turned out to be a great emotional "crutch" in terms of me getting out of town. I was very grateful. 

The plan was to ride together, him on an Aprilia, me on my BMW. We would ride to the very beginning of Highway 101, since I was taking it much of the way to Los Angles (as well as Hwy 1 in California). We would stay the night at his "surf cabin" up north on the Olympic Peninsula, near Lake Crescent with a couple other buddies of his. 

Highway 101 runs north to south along the Pacific coast. I am not absolutely positive, but I believe the only place that it runs east to west is at its origin in Washington. 

Now I know that riding a motorcycle in the freezing cold is just plain wrong, but please don't ask me to explain Northwest surfing. I just don't get it-wetsuits or not. Question their logic, but definitely not their passion. They love it! Anyway, these blokes were pretty righteous and followed me in their truck through some pretty icy roads. They turned off to surf the coast and I headed south on own. Ian is a good mate, and I hope to meet him somewhere along the route. 

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