Wednesday, March 18, 2009

California, part 2

I always love coming to Venice. It's probably why I decided to drive straight through from Los Gatos (on Hwy 1). (I did take a little scenic road short cut Santa Barbara that I would recommend, State Rd. 54 I think(?)) I rolled in about 8:30 completely wired!

Adam, my best mate and Director of Technology and Gadgetery for the trip resides in Venice, and he put me up as usual. He and his wife have been the best of friends, since..."forever". Adam and I "kept it local" biking and walking to the neighbor restaurants (and bars). Paddle tennis in the morning...and then it seemed to all fall apart after that, but no complaints. When my "little buddy" Ingrid (another Seattle transplant) and her significant other, Geoff, got involved it "fell apart" even faster. It was apparent that I would be leaving a few pounds heavier. Joking aside, it was great spending time with such close friends before heading out. So far, its been a great California vacation. The real trip starts when I cross the Baja border by myself. 

Shameless Plug:  J.R. at Angel City Cycles (BMW only garage) did the 12,000 service on the bike and mounted the Conti TKC 80's (knobby tires) that I had been lugging around with me since Seattle. J.R. was able to get me in the day after calling him, and had the bike ready in time - as promised. He made some helpful and welcomed suggestions. He was very thorough, and extremely passionate about his craft. The bike has run great since!

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