Friday, March 27, 2009

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree March 20-23rd.

Two hours out of L.A. via Hwy 10 and I was experiencing the kind of heat that I haven't felt in, what feels like a lifetime. I was having lunch in Palm Springs in temperatures that must have been in the 90's!

Mark and Christa have been great friends of mine since I moved to Seattle in '93. They settled in Joshua Tree four years ago after being "free" for eight years. They sold everything they had in Seattle and bought an RV - loaded up their animals and hit the road. I always respected their independence and lack of conformity. 

I really liked Joshua Tree. It is a beautiful place, but the people make it truly "unique". Its proximity to L.A., it's beauty, and mystic background seem to attract a lot of talented musicians and artists (one in the same, I guess).

Noted Activities: flea market, party at the Ingretron, a tour of Noah Purfoy's sculpture park, tour of artist Bobby Furst's studio, and hearing the Thrift Store Allstars. 

Shameless Plug: If you have been reading this blog, you have noticed an odd entry with an ESN# that gives my current location. This is the result of a device called SPOT. It is a GPS transponder of sorts. Everyday when I am finished riding I push the "OK" button on the battery powered unit and it relays my location and my pre-programmed emails to my selected email list. Anyway, I met a guy in Joshua Tree, still in a cast, that broke his leg while up in the mountains on his dirt bike. He was helicoptered  out two hours after pushing his 911 button. His $8 policy covered the $18,000 bill. It's comforting to know it does what it says. For more info, check out

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