Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Staying Put for a Month

Quick note: I will be in Antigua, Guatemala for the next month, so no SPOT messenger location messages for awhile. 

Looking forward to updating the blog, and learning some Spanish.  Give me a shout if you are out there!



  1. Hey Mike,

    Been following your progress. Looks like you are enjoying yourself and meeting interesting people.

    The vid we shot is in post production, though we are slammed with work right now. We're off to LA to shoot two shows at the end of this month. I am hoping to get your show posted next month, and sooner if I can.

    Enjoy your stay in Antigua, and ride safe.


  2. Hey Mike -

    We're dying to hear some updates!
    Take care.

    Christine and Paul

  3. Greetings: Shannon Funke from St Louis told me of your blog. Very Nice!! Antigua is one of my favorite cities...and I am a proud member of the American Legion Post in Antigua. Commander Bill Shetz can be found at the Cafe Contessa in the middle room around 9AM. He will be wearing a white American Legion shirt. You will be very interested to hear about some of our "helps" for local indiginous children. Bill is also a fountain of information on anything "Antigua" and is helpful. Looking forward to my tour to the Smokies in July. 3 BMW rallies on 3 consecetive weekends. Please give my regards to Bill if you see him: Take care: Bill Thornton, St Louis/San Pedro, Bze

  4. Thanks Bill, I will look for "The Commander", and give him your best. Thanks for your note.

    I really love it here!