Sunday, July 5, 2009

End of the Road

Today Jeff and I reached Panama City. That means that I get to retire another map (Central America), and that is a mighty good reason to celebrate!

Today was a beautiful day of riding- hot, but clear open roads all the way into the city. I did, however, finally have my first run in with the police. We had heard that there were a lot of cops on the road, and had already seen several, but old habits die hard - I was clearly speeding. It all went down just has I had rehearsed it (in my head): I could pay a $18 fine in Panama City or pay $16 right now. I showed him my last $5, which was honestly all the money I had on me, but asked if I could take his picture in front of my bike, and if he would PLEASE take a photo of me on his bike. A new friend was made, and the ticket was "dismissed".

Tomorrow I will start looking into a ferry that is supposed to run from Colon, Panama, through the canal, to Cartagena, Colombia. The alternative is flying the bike and myself on separate flights. I would rather play pirate for a few days.

Unfortunately, it looks like Jeff is going to have to cut his trip short, to return home to deal with some personal matters. It's really too bad because I know how much he has been looking forward to South America. Its been a nice break riding with someone this last week. He will be missed.

Off to the casino up around the corner to "retire the map" :)



  1. Yo Mike,

    Brooke and Micah here--your friends from Granada. I have just finished catching up on your blog. Good job secureing an interesting passage to S.A. We are in Bocas Del Toro in Panama right now and loving it. We really look forward to keeping up with your stories in the coming years and feel privledged meeting you.

    Stay cool,

    Micah & Brooke

    Oh yeah the band I was recommending is Dr. Dog, good driving music and can be bought on Itunes.

  2. You made it! I'm finally caught up with your adventures. Keep posting...absolutely loving it. The videos really help bring to life what your words express. Thanks for sharing.