Friday, April 3, 2009

Leaving Baja

Well, it doesn't always work out as planned, does it?  After spending three days in Loreto I was eager to get down to La Paz and jump on the evening ferry. It would sail through the night and unload about sunrise on Saturday. This would save me from getting a hotel the night before it's departure (if I were forced to take the afternoon ferry) and another hotel stay on the mainland, due to the fact that the 3:00 ferry wouldn't get in until well after dark.  I would get a cabin on the ferry and sleep, and roll off with the new day. I would be in Alamos by lunchtime Saturday. 

I rolled into La Paz to find quite a bit of traffic.  I found a taxi that would take me to the ferry offices - I would follow.  At the ticket window, I was informed that there wasn't going to be an evening ferry, tonight or tomorrow night. No explanation, just not going to happen. So much for making plans. I was forced to get a hotel in La Paz and again in Los Mochis on the mainland. This would delay my arrival into Alamos until Sunday afternoon and put a dent in my hotel budget. 

The next morning I was first in line at the port offices getting my Mexican temporary vehicle permit ($30), and my ferry ticket. I would have to remember to cancel the vehicle permit before leaving Mexico - it's a guarantee that I don't sell the bike while in Mexico, and if don't prove that I am exiting with the bike my credit card gets charge - don't want to find out how much. 

The ferry ride was essentially uneventful. A nice sunset on the port side, while a school of dolphins were on the starboard side. I had the only bike on the ferry (the largest I have ever been on), and was last to load, so only fair that I was the first off. 

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